The No Com Canada Exclusive Territory Licensee Opportunity

Want to own your own real estate business?

Both those in and outside of the real estate industry are in the middle of a major shift. This shift instead of slowing is actually picking up speed, even though some would like it to go back the way it was.

Estimates range from 70% to some that claim over 80% of those looking to purchase real state start by going to the world wide web. As patterns change and more and more are looking for new ways to market and/or purchase their homes.

Many years ago I remember hearing people say wish I had invested in McDonald’s, IBM and the rest.

Today is no different – opportunities exist for those that have the vision and ability to look down the road. We believe No Com Canada is one opportunity whose time has come. From many years in dealing with people and marketing products we have gained the expertise to be a major player a leader in the world of For Sale By Owner Business real estate.

Think about it. If over 70% of the people looking for homes start on the web even a small percentage of those using our services means there is a lot of money to be made. Another reason its No Com Canada time is the fact that with housing prices at all time highs no one want to lose thousands of dollars by paying today’s high commission rates.

At No Com we can list a home for as little as $199.00

One very important area we want to focus on in this article is you. Yes, you the hard worker that has the drive and the ability but have lacked the opportunity to get into your own business even though it has been a dream of yours for many years.

At No Com we are a people company. As a people company we have opened the doors so you can take advantage of our plans, expertise and knowledge yet own your very own business. I remember many years ago when I was working for someone else. Thoughts would often roll through my mind. Thoughts like- "this does not seem fair. I am the one who spends all of these hours, I am the one who deals with the customer, I am the one who... Yet I am the one who only gets x amount per hour." It just did not seem fair. Over those first years many people made a lot of money because of my effort. Things for me changed when I said. "No more! If I am going to work that hard and put in all those hours, it will be for myself".

If you today are like I was back those many years ago is it not in time to take the step and invest in yourself. Time to reach out and see those dreams of being self employed become reality? At No Com we want to offer you the opportunity to be your very own boss for a very reasonable investment.

At No Com we intend to set a new standard both for the client whom lists the home and those who own No Com licensed areas. If you believe in yourself, are willing to work hard and invest in those dreams then call or e-mail today before the territory of your choice is gone.

Since we offer exclusive areas once they are gone they are gone forever. Today is the day to start to see your dreams be fulfilled.

I am looking forward to your call.

Corporate Office Location

1714 Cranbrook Street N
British Columbia
Canada  V1C 3S8