What makes us stand above the crowd?

This world, and especially in much of the commercial world, is all about me, me and yes, me.

We may be old school but first we are about people. We firmly believe that as we help or assist others in reaching their goals, we in turn will reach ours. Although like others we need to earn a living we are not driven by the almighty dollar. We like many of you want to be good stewards our the resources we have. With this in mind we want to put our experience and expertise to work to assist you in saving thousands of dollars of your hard earned equity in your home. We have no doubt as we do our part you will consider us again when it is that time to sell or purchase real estate in the future.

More about us

We are owned and operated by No Com Canada FSBO Marketing Inc. a federally incorporated Canadian business designed to supply you – the home owner – with our knowledge and marketing skills. This will enable you to save thousands of dollars in real estate commissions by selling your own home.

We have nearly 40 years experience in dealing with people from all walks of life. Over the years we have learned first hand what works and what doesn't when it comes to understanding how to sell and develop effective marketing techniques.

No Com Canada FSBO Marketing Inc. is your open door to buying or selling real estate.

One of the biggest financial transactions many people make is the buying or selling of their home. We live in a fast paced world. The real estate business like many other businesses is changing. We have learned from personal experience that ordinary people can sell their own homes, saving themselves thousands of dollars that they can use in places that are more important to them. You can generate your own windfall instead of giving it away. Just for a moment, imagine what you would do with thousands of dollars. You could finally take that long awaited holiday, buy that boat or maybe pay for your children’s education. It could be used to bless someone less fortunate or to support a worthwhile charity. We are sure you can find many valuable ways to spend these savings. After all, it is your hard-earned money; it is equity that you have built up.

Join many satisfied customers who have proven that given the right tools, anyone can sell their own home. Our straightforward marketing plans, professional signs and other marketing tools are only a phone call away. So make that call today and become one of the thousands who have already been faced with the challenge –

What will I do with the money I saved by selling my own home?