Our View of Reality

We all are aware that in most businesses, wrong perceptions about services that are available can easily be misunderstood. Many times today people will wrap their own personal thoughts, ideas or perceptions around shat they are told. They may as well take something they may have heard or thought they heard and again to a conclusion. It is with this in mind we want to do our best to share with you how we view things. We do hope it will help enlighten you. Should you need any clarification or more info don’t hesitate to ask.

No Com Canada Fsbo Marketing Inc.

This is the name of our federally registered company.

What does it really mean?

It means we give you the home owner all the tools needed to sell their home without the high cost of today’s commission rates that are charged by many in the real estate business.

Why would you do this?

Quite simply, from personal experience we have proven to ourselves over and over that we could sell our own home and save ourselves thousands of dollars in real estate commissions. We believe its time for a change in the industry and want to help others like yourself in saving up to thousands of dollars in commissions. As well we enable many like minded people to become part of the change and make a good living. It’s a win win situation you save money and give people an opportunity to own their own business and quite possibly reduce unemployment.

Is it true that the For Sale By Owner way of selling is only for low cost homes that traditional real estate companies don’t want to waste their time with.

No, this is not true. In today’s market commission rates of 6%, 7 % or more are not uncommon. Let me give you an example of what this actually adds up to.
Let’s say you market your $500,000.00 home the traditional way.  At even a low 5% commission that means you will need to give up $25,000.00 of your equity to pay someone for the privilege of selling your home.

We don’t know about you but in today’s market, many homes are selling very quickly with little effort so why would you want to give away $25,000.00? Why not take these savings and go on a holiday, buy that boat or new car you have wanted, save for your children’s education, save it for retirement or bless some worthwhile cause with that money?

Myth: Real estate agents pre-qualify potential buyers.

The truth is – it is banks and mortgage companies that pre-qualify the potential buyer.

Real estate salesmen work for you looking out for your best interests.

Let’s be fair – some agents try but let’s look at some of the broader issues. The real estate agent gets paid on what they sell,  not for helping you. There very well may be a conflict of interest between what is in the agent’s best interest and what is in your best interest.

We think it’s fair to say that it would not be uncommon for a traditional agent to encourage you to sell a little cheaper to get the home sold sooner thus getting the agent his commission quicker. But, at whose expense if the value of your home dropped a few thousands of dollars?

Real Estate agents offer appraisals of your home.

No, they offer their opinion or market evaluations based on what other comparable homes may have sold for. We believe that if you want an accurate unbiased opinion there is only one way to get that. It is by hiring a professional Real Estate Appraiser.

You seem to have some very strong bias in regard to the way home are traditionally sold.

Yes we do. In part we think the system has built in problems. No matter how hard an agent tries to be fair with both the seller and the buyer in our opinion there is conflict. You have the sellers who wants to get the most for their home and who have the buyers who wants to get it as cheap as they can. You also have the real estate agent that only makes money when the house is sold.

To us that can very easily create a conflict and in any conflict there is a possibility that someone will lose. We have not even taken account those who may choose to bend rules or divulge something that may benefit one party or the other. This structure, combined with people being human and possibly under all kinds of stress or other issues, may cause problems that no one needs.

What do you consider is the best way to sell my home?

Sell it yourself. No one knows your home as well as you do. No one has more interest in both the sale and the money you can save more than you. You can also tailor all showings, open houses, etc. to fit your own time schedule not someone else’s convenience.

Do you really think we can do it ourselves? It seems like a scary process.

It’s not a difficult process. We supply you with all the tools you will need. As you use common sense, your passion for your home along with your lawyer’s guidance and our marketing tools you will see how easy it is to save thousands of dollars.

How will you help me?

We will supply you with full colour professionally designed yard signs. We will have one of our processionals come and take pictures of your home. We will sit down with you and develop a property description. We will then put all the information, pictures and contact info on our high quality web site that is designed to attract buyers to it.

We will supply you with full colour highlight sheets of your home to hand out to the prospective buyers. We can often arrange for your home to be listed in the local paper at reduced rates. With our world class web site you have the potential of attracting buyers from around the world versus just your own area.  We can either supply you with or direct you where to get basic legal contracts for you to fill out with the perspective buyer.

One more question. I understand real estate agents can always get me more money for my home than if I sell it on my own.

Let me answer that question with one for you. If there is true, when you go to buy your next home will you buy it through a real estate agent or will you buy it privately? Would you buy a home for more than it is worth?

Factors Just as Important as Price.
It is important for you to remember that price normally is not the only issue when selling a home. Simple things like broken screen or a hole in the wall, a dirty kitchen or even the smell of last night’s garlic supper can all have a great bearing on the sale of your home. We encourage you to take the time to walk through your home and view it like a prospective buyer. You will be amazed at what you see. Take the time, put aside you own ideas and preferences and walk through your home and you will see what may be a help or a hindrance in the sale of your home.