Why Curb Appeal Is Important

First of all, what is curb appeal?

Curb appeal is the first set of impressions created by what people see when your home is viewed from the street.

Studies show that a large amount of buyers will not get out even get our of their car if they do not find your residence to have that curb appeal. If your home is not visually attractive they may not even come inside to see how wonderful it is.

Since more and more people shopping for homes online, it is quite possible that potential buyers could be turned off from coming to see your home based on that first picture of your listing.

It is vital as you compete with other homes un other locations that those first impressions that the potential buyer sees are appealing. You want it to be a home they would enjoy owning. I cannot stress enough how important those first impressions are.

Let’s put it this way. You would not go for a new job interview or go to quality restaurant or even to your children’s school concert or a host of other events looking like you just crawled out from under a rock. You would want to look your best. It’s no different with your home. Remember, yours is not the only home on the market. In selling your home you are competing with other homes, new homes by builders, etc. You want your home to look its best. Again those first impressions can be a tremendous help or a huge hindrance.

A potential buy will expect that how the outside looks is similar to how the inside may be. If the outside lawn is not mowed, the paint is faded, screen doors broken, windows cracked or steps falling apart the buyer will most likely assume that is how the inside will be. At the very least they will take for granted that this owner has no pride in ownership and may very well anticipate that any other needed repairs on the inside also never get taken care of.

You curb appeal will either attract or repel buyers. Take the time to look over your home as if you were the buyer – you will often be amazed at what you see. You will need to honestly assess your home’s curb appeal and take the steps needed to improve it. Often we grow so accustomed to our own environment that we don’t see what is all too obvious to others.

It is amazing how you can change the curb appeal of you home by some very simple steps.

  • Mow your lawn
  • Remove garbage
  • Fix what is broken
  • Put up a new mail box top replace one that is full of rusted holes
  • Would a new welcome mat invite them in?
  • Plant a few flowers in summer

In winter time shovel the walks– a potential buyer is not going very happy plowing their way through knee high snow or slipping on ice.

Make sure the outside lights are clean and working

Make sure you have quality pictures on the web site you list your home. The quality of many pictures that we see on the internet are actually a deterrent to the sale of many homes.

The bottom line is not only will curb appeal help in the sale of your home but just may bring a much higher price than if the curb appeal is left in a sad state.