Can a Logical Person Believe the Advertising Hype on Some Web Sites ?

I want to share some insight that can be overlooked when searching for that right place to sell one’s home. I want to take a closer look at how numbers are used to make things appear better than they are. I have been amazed at how freely numbers are thrown around on some web sites. But first let’s build a foundation from which we can take that honest look.

At Stats Canada on Dec. 6, 2007 it shows we have a total population of 33,119,041 in all of Canada. Here is their web address so you to can go and look for yourself —

Now, please keep this figure in mind while we discuss web site traffic and how it relations to the sale of your home.

Being in the FSBO business I am very aware of what others advertise and why. I want to share some thoughts so you too can be realistic and logical in your own choices when seeking out a FSBO company to list your home with.

I have seen sites that claim anywhere from 2 million visitors each month to those that claim as high as 6.5 million visitors in a single month. That would mean in those months about one out of every five Canadians, young and old, working or not, was stopping to at their web site to look at homes. I don’t know about you but unless someone is looking for a home to buy or sell, or is in the business and including those that just have an interest in or curiosity about real estate, I find is amazing that they have the audacity to claim that this huge number of people would be looking on their web site. Some FSBO Canadian company’s advertise 30 million hits and more each month. We need to look beyond the hype and what we would consider misleading advertising.

When you take out the very young who have no desire to purchase a property or look at homes, that figure gets even more astounding, but I will let you do your own math.

Now back to the numbers. I see some that claim 150,000 unique visitors per week on their site. To my way of thinking if you multiple that times the number of fsbo web sites there must be an awful lot of people that don’t eat, work or sleep to be able to come up those numbers.

Do these kinds of numbers slant the picture? Well, let’s touch on that for a moment. Keep in mind that anyone can claim anything on the web. The number of hits does not mean a thing and to me is a misleading figure meant to suggest something that when looked at seriously does not make any sense.

You want to know the number of unique visitors. (Hits refers to the number of files returned, so a web page with 30 images on it will count as 31 ‘hits’ for each visitor to that page. So you could look at 5 pages on that website just to check it out, and that would count for 155 ‘hits. Now what if that page has 40 or even 50 or more images, that figure that many use to sell their product all of a sudden is not worth the breath it is spoken with.

Now, a little more with numbers. I recently came across a small city in a province with a total population of 41,000. Yet it was not uncommon to have homes in that city from that particular web that they claimed had been seen by close to 8,000 people! Others showed thousands as well.

Here is where the rubber meets the road. If you live in a city of 41,000 people (and for a moment let’s put common sense and logic aside) and if after 8,000 people out of a total population of 41,000 looked at your home we must come to the conclusion something is very wrong with that home or it would have been sold long ago.

As with anything in life, impossible things can happen, maybe even 8000 people looking at this home. But because I tend to think in my mind this is too much, I have to conclude that something else is going on.

My conclusion is that 8000 people did not look at this home but that web statistics were used as a tool to generate business or as bragging rights while the home owner who paid his hard earned money still sits with an unsold home wondering why. You deserve more that so call web site statistics, you need more than xyz company bragging you want results. You want your home sold.

The bottom line is simple. When selling your home unless you have real and honest promotion something very terrible happens. NOTHING!

At Least that’s the way I see it