Advantages of No Com FSBO Canada Inc?

The No Com FSBO Canada Inc plan of marketing is straight forward simple. We have designed a marketing plan that incorporates two main strategies: a) you can sell you own home whereby saving thousands of dollars in real estate commissions, and b) we can provide everything you need to put your home at the forefront of the buyer's market.

We give you the tools needed so you can get ready for a successful sale. Your No Com FSBO Canada Inc independent licensed rep will collect the necessary data for your online listing, take professional photos of your home, supply you with all the essential documents. Subject to the package you choose, they can even install your professional private sale sign on your yard. But that is not all. Your No Com FSBO Canada Inc Private Sales Professional will also walk you through the entire process of selling your home on your own and suggest different advertising options. You will know exactly what to do, each step of the way from listing to offer to closing to moving day.

With the No Com FSBO Canada Inc system, selling your home commission-free on your own has never been so easy. In today's fast pace real estate market, many people pay thousands of dollars in commissions for a home that can sell extremely quickly. The business of buying and selling a home is not the same as it used to be.

Buyers will easily find your home through a variety of our marketing methods.

Today, as high as 80% of home shopping starts online. To reach these buyers, No Com FSBO Canada Inc has hired world class web designers. Unlike our competitors, No Com FSBO Canada Inc  promotes from the grassroots level. We immediately advertise in your neighbourhood, promoting your home and creating new avenues to attract buyers to your property.

Buyers enjoy the fact that they can see complete property details and photos, and have the ability to contact you directly to make an appointment to view your home. No guessing, no middle man - it's buyer and owner.

Given the choice, our personal experience says that the majority of buyers prefer to deal directly with the homeowner, one-on-one. It is quicker and less complicated; after all, nobody knows the neighbourhood or your home better than you. With No Com FSBO Canada Inc, all the guesswork is taken out of showing your home. You control the process on your terms according to your schedule.

We bring the sellers and buyers together, you make the sale, and you keep the commission. With No Com FSBO Canada Inc, *SOLD* and saving thousands is a possibility.

Now, the question on everyone's mind: What will you do with the money you save? Will you go on that vacation, buy that boat, use it for your children’s education?  Just think of what you can do with thousands of extra dollars.

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